Frightened Rabbit – Nothing Like You

Oh, for the days when artists put four songs on each single, and often issued two versions of each single to get higher on the charts! Oh, my shining long lost singles chart!

This single has one album-borne A-side and an exclusive B-side that I’m sure will show up someday on an iTunes compilation with a title like “Rabbits Too Frightened – Outtakes and Live Rarities.” Not that I’m really mourning the era of paucity of material here. “Nothing Like You” is a cheerful, bitter indie rock with a typical, driving riff. It’s not spekky, but the chorus of “There is nothing like someone new / And this girl she was nothing like you!” Is a burn, and I likes me my lyrical burns. The B-side is “Learned Your Name” and it’s not really worth learning too well. It’s slow and quiet and vaguely sad and unmemorable lyrically and musically. So you can stuff it in a potato bug and call it Franklin; I wouldn’t trade it for half the feta in Bangladesh.



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