Metric – Mainstream EP

Metric may be an annoyingly mediocre indie-rock group now, but back in the day, still fronted by lead singer Leslie Feist, they were called “Mainstream,” and put out one five-song EP of downerish, electronic pop music.  Spiritually they’re long gone now, but back then they sounded like a bunch of pretentious but likable Gladstone Hotel musically inclined hipsters – but old ones, with tie belts and blazers worn with jeans. It was winter then, I think all the time. The Queen streetcar comes so rarely, sometimes you’re better off walking ten minutes here or there, especially in winter. The slower you move, the slower the streetcar moves too. Better yet, sleep over. Not in a sexual way – it’s just winter, and it’s cold outside. Borrow a jacket to wear over your blazer. Have some electronic music for your walk. This is electronic music for your walk through the long-gone hipster paradise of Toronto, a walk taken because the streetcar takes too fucking long.

It’s nice, but it’s not all that interesting.



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