Metric – Live It Out

As my (soon to be ex-) roommate Kristen said last night: “When I was 21. It was a pretty good year. I listened to some hipster music. It was vaguely anticapitalist. But not so much that they were actually taking a stand. There were a lot of slogans. When I was 21.”

More importantly, these songs don’t really go anywhere. They’re just a bunch of big, dumb riffs, with Leslie trying to make something of non-existant melodies. And lyrically they’re really reaching – “Poster of a Girl” really wants to represent for college chicks everywhere (being all promiscuous and empty…what an original portrayal), “Handshakes” really wants to be saying something about corporations, “Monster Hospital” really wants to be a stern anti-war song, and “The Police and The Private” really wants to be “Calculation Theme.” But they don’t have the guts (or songs) to really go through with any of it. And really, there’s not much to someone yelling “Buy this car to drive to work! Drive to work to pay for this car!” in an off-key manner meant to sound rough and biting. Just silly, kiddos!

My primary memory of this album is sitting in my friend Alex Easler’s car, driving from his Leaside home back to Guelph along with his girlfriend Alyson, listening to her CD of the new Metric album, and just being bored (except for the catchy “Monster Hospital” and spacey, sad “Ending Start”). It’s just mediocre indie-rock with extremely clean production and glossy synths.



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