Mates of State – Our Solo Project

MoS(t) definitely, this a happy couple band that plays keyboard-led, upbeat, non-linear couple music. Really though, the girl plays all sorts of keyboards all over everything and sings all the time, and the guy drums all under everything (in a laid-back, indie-rock sort of way with lots of switcherups) and also sings all the time. So they’re pretty much always both singing. It’s not the best thing to listen to if you’re heart-broken or something, because they sure sound loving.

But is it any good? Well, it’s very pleasing but not particularly memorable, by which I mean that I’ll probably never listen to it as a whole album or even as a bunch of songs again. By “non-linear” I meant that it’s filled with constant inexplicable tempo and key changes all over the place, which makes it hard to get attached to any song and consigns them to being more like background music.

But that’s by far the worst part of the album. The keyboard tones are pleasing, they’re great singers both individually and together, in harmony or not, and the lyrics are pleasantly listenable without being trite or annoying. And the unconventional instrumentation is a nice change, as is listening to people who don’t sound angst fucking ridden for a change. Aside from existentially life really isn’t that bad. And why are happy couples never, even the main characters of anything? I think it’s because most people don’t want to see happy people other than ourselves – we are programmed to measure happiness by comparison to our neighbours. In any case, there’s also the Cheers theme song here, and a really annoying thirty-second last song, and the only song that really stands out is the especially upbeat “Everyone Needs An Editor,” but you’ll like (and not love) them all!



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