Modest Mouse – Night on the Sun

More or less redundant, but hey! It’s an EP with five demos of tracks that would appear on either the next EP or the previous album. Plus a 20 second track of people talking.

“Night on the Sun” is still good, but probably better for not having an extra two minutes of low-key jammin’ at the end.

“You’re the Good Things” still sucks, even with a little lagniappe fifty seconds somewhere.

“Wild Pack of Family Dogs” still sounds really good? Just like on the album, keyboard and all!

“Dark Centre of The Universe” sounds neat-o! The guitar and vocals both sound even more angular and angry and swirly, and I rather like it shorter and a little less redundant. No biggie though, it’s still more or less the same song, even though I never tire of that “It took a lot of work to be the ass that I am / And I’m pretty damn sure that anyone can / Equally easily fuck you over” chorus with that riff behind it. Plus he says “fuck!” Hee!

“Your Life” suddenly sounds like a terrific, although overbearing winner without the stupid stupid out of place twangy sounds from the album version! You really have to be in the mood for a meditation on life being depressing and hopeless that switches to all hopeful and telling us to remember that “We’re alive for the first time / We’re alive for the last time” and to “Live before you die.” But when you are! By the w, what’s the deal with “Night on the Sun” and “You’re the Good Things” emulating the opening/closing guitar pattern of this song in their beginnings? No wonder they didn’t make the album!

Then there’s twenty seconds of talking!  I give it a seven!



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