Modest Mouse – Float On

A single! With two songs! Oh, I miss the days of each single having two CDs, and there would be three songs on each CD. It’s a pipe dream, though, I only felt that way because at the time I was listening to Isles bands like Blur and Manic Street Preachers, whose fans actually bought singles during their time of popularity (the 90s). Even then, the second CD would usually be filled with remixes or live tracks anyway. Modest Mouse are good enough, at least, to give us a non-album track to accompany the A-side, even though it’s not the awesome “White Lies Yellow Teeth.”
Instead it’s “I’ve Got It All (Most)”, which is deservedly a B-side. Apparently there’s an import with an acoustic version of “The Good Times are Killing Me,” which would be lovely, but this isn’t it! Damn you, legislation mandating only one other song to be on singles! Don’t you realize you’re only annoying fans who want more material for our money at all costs? Don’t you realize it only hurts CD sales more? I used to love and lust after B-sides voraciously as a teenager, now they’ve been dying and are almost dead. Shame shame shame.

As for “Float On,” it’s on the album and you know it; it’s overrated and way too happy (I’ve always felt the lyrics would be much better as a sad song), but hard to deny in its entirety.



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