Modest Mouse – Atlanta Opening

I’m gonna go ahead and admit that I don’t think much of live albums. I mean, I think I get them and all, I’m just not too impressed, and don’t think I like the concept. That means that I don’t like the albums themselves. Articles for the curious, mementos for the diehard, whatever, but the only use I can see is to listen to them once for amusement and see if they play any non-album songs. And this is a really good live album!

The group’s in good form; they play mostly angry songs to keep all entertained, Isaac sounds much more Southern than on SeeD, and they all generally play album material with great verve and more electric guitars than usual. I’m sure it was lots of fun, in fact, I saw them live a few years ago and let me tell you, I highly recommend seeing Modest Mouse a few years ago! But this is just inconsequential. You know what “Doin’ the Cockroach” and “3rd Planet” sound like, right? Can you imagine the former with an extra three minutes of jamming and the latter with no acoustic guitar opening and interlude, and kinda buried vocals on both of them? Goodie! Because that’s as much variation as you’ll get, unless you get the constant calls from the audience for Isaac to “take it off.”

Also, lots of jokes about Prince. I think someone was opening for the P-Man.

Also, I’m not really on such genial terms with Prince. Who gives a shit, that guy. Good show, though.



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