Tokyo Police Club – Smith

Hey it’s a three song EP and they’re all really good songs so that’s good. “Box” is a rocker with a good riff and a vaguely Dylany chorus about how bad and untrustworthy the singer is, “Cut Cut Paste” is from the demo and lets the vocal melody carry the song and it’s also upbeat and stuff and it’s a romantic song that pulls off a cheesy line through sheer force of youthful will. Plus it fixes the line from the demo about who’s blood it could be other than yours (from “his” to “yours”), if you keep track of that sort of thing, which nobody does. Plus the title is satisfyingly nerdly. The last song is a surprisingly quiet, piano-led song about being in a family of criminals. It’s nice to see the group take on a old-timey tall tale after the typical singer-songwriter fare of the first two songs / most of our generation! Oh, and it’s called “A Lesson In Crime,” which is the title of the EP it’s NOT on! Whee! You like it when reviews are all one paragraph?

Also, it’s less than eight minutes long, meaning they now have two releases totaling ten songs and twenty-four minutes but it’s okay because they’re all good! But if you want you can feel free to go to their next show and request “Sister Ray.” Which would be great. Ever have nights where you’re listening to Townes Van Zandt songs over and over and you want to get really drunk but you’re trying to respectful of your girlfriend who wants to come over later? I’d actually really like to meet more people who’d answer “yes” to that question. Sigh.

Also he has one hilariously racial song called “Talkin’ Karate Blues.” What’s the deal with THAT song, Mr. Funnycorpse?



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