Tokyo Police Club – Demo

I want to start you people (Gilleen) with a little story that you’ve already heard (since you’re Gilleen). And it goes a little something like this: back when I was cool (2004), I somehow found this band through Livejournal and was directed to their Myspace where all they had were these four songs from their demo; they didn’t even have an EP at the time and I was pretty ahead of the game considering now they’re on MTV and party and bullshit. So I knew this band only a few thousand people knew and they were very good, and I went and saw them at the Drake in Toronto. This was also when the Drake was cool, you understand. If I belabour the point it is only because it is integral, not intentionally to brag. So I went to see them, and at their show they did a strange arts and crafts show where the audience was encouraged to build structures out of marshmallows and popsicle sticks on the stage. So I helped build the structures badly, since I’m terrible at A&C, and I asked the lead singer (I was right next to him) if they would play “Nature of the Experiment” (which wasn’t actually a single yet so I was in fact being prescient) and he said it was next and then at the end of the set since I was still on stage he gave me two beer tickets and said they wouldn’t use them and I went to the bar and gosh! They gave me TPC beers! And it was a great moment for twenty-year-old Myles, and I gained a lifelong affection for Tokyo Police Club,
That story done, there really isn’t much reason to know this four-song demo. All four songs have been done again in better quality. The songs are “Cheer It On!,” “Nature of the Experiment,” “Be Good,” and “Cut Cut Paste.” They’re Strokes-like in sounding urban and classic and angular and lo-fi, but unlike The Strokes, who were obviously a bunch of goddamned rich kids trying to sound poor, these guys are genuinely unclear-class, but the demo really does sound like shit. But you can really hear how good the songs are anyway! And the songs are great, though not that different from their album versions.
Oh, about the song a little more you Uncle Krackers, the songs are rather spacey, or maybe I’m projecting. The first aforementioned mentions the band name and is certainly sci-fi-ish, the second is about “the patterns of my temperament” and therefore I love it, the third features the line “be good when your parents stay over in June,” so how do you not love that, and the fourth has a nerdy lean but also features the ultra-romantic line “is this blood his or mine / cause when we kiss my stars align” and its aww yeah blow me. All four songs are fast paced and quick and catchy and satisfyingly keyboardy and handclappy and great, so what excuse do you have for not having this, besides every song being available in better quality elsewhere? As for me, I just really like having more yelling in the background of “Be Good” and “Cut Cut Paste” sounding lethargic and “Nature of the Experiment” sounding too far away. Great demo; I can’t believe these guys didn’t take over the world. Sigh.

Finally, by reviewing this demo I must come to terms with it and my non-ultimate irrelevance and delete it and bid farewell. Goodbye, Tokyo Police Club demo! I’ll remember you in bangs and beer tickets! Goodbye!



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