Tokyo Police Club – A Lesson In Crime

It’s raining and I’m sleepy, but Gosh! What a great EP! Seven short songs (none crack the three minute mark) of crisp, upbeat indie music! Sure, “Nature of the Experiment” is the best thing here, but every song here is genuinely enjoyable.

Contently, it’s campy, never moreso then when it starts with the singer yelling from a mic made to sound far away “operator! Get me the president of the world!” But by that point the staccato cymbals are already in swing and then the song gets going and it’s filled with hooks and satisfying guitar fills. There’s some odd Asimov-ish thread tying a lot of the songs together, particularly “Citizens of Tomorrow” with its narrator being a worker in a factory controlled by robots, and “Shoulders and Arms”  and “If It Works” saying something about “The Republic” and rebellion against the factory, respectively, but it’s all so carefree and fun to listen to that even sci-fi dislikers should like it all. But there’s “Nature of the Experiment” and “Be Good” which have nothing to do with being sci-fi at all! The balaclavas go on!

And then it ends with “La Ferrassie” and you realize a bunch of 19 year olds have made the most parsimonious recording you’ve heard in years. Oh sure, every song has the same bassline (“If It Works” pretends it doesn’t for a while but then it does) and I’m not sure how to fit that in with the review, but with songs this short and hook-filled, caring about that would be like resenting a great country like Hungary just for massacring millions of Chinese.

Wait, that DIDN’T happen? What have I been reading all this time?



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