Vampire Weekend – Oxford Comma

An Oxford Comma is the comma after the last conjunction in a list. The comma after “bread” is the oxford comma in the following stupid sentence:

I’m going to the store to buy toys, bread, and firearms.

The Lil’ Jon song referenced is “Get Low,” while Dharamsala is in India. I’m pretty sure the song is chiding a girlfriend for lying, particularly about money. No, you can not write a song this grate.

Yoo-hoo! Guys, know what’d be inSaNe? If we added a bunch of 1999-era generic club dance music to the backing of “Walcott!” Sickazz!

Buddy buddy, hold the fuck up, I got an idea that’s totally off the hook. Let’s add obvious fake xylophones playing scales on top of those fake club noises! Ohhhh shit nigga mothafucka. Shee-it!

Dudes, I’m going to make you shit yourself right now; I hope you’re wearing your fucking dizzzipers: We’re going to TOOOOOOOEEEEEEEtally fuck with the voices in the chorus. No longer will it go like “Walcott, don’t you wanna get out of Cape Cod, out of Cape Cod tonight?” It’ll go like this: “Walcott, Wal-Wal-Walcott, it’s insane-insane-insane, outta Cape Cod tonight-ight-ight-ight” BAM! World hunger fuckin solved dumb azz hoe fuckmuthas!

If you mixed it like that, that’d be like…an Insane Mix!

Vampire Weekend, collectively: Hell yeah! Let’s release it as the B-side of “Oxford Comma!” 

By the way, my position on the Oxford Comma is this: yes. 



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