Vampire Weekend – Mansard Roof

“Mansard Roof?” The first single and they went with “Mansard Roof”???? Crazy old, two-minute long vaguely Jamaican sounding verse one – verse one – verse two “Mansard Roof”? No matter, it’s still a good song, but why? The marketing dept. really thought this would go farther in the charts than “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” or “Oxford Comma”? People of little faith, all of them.

But you probably wanted the B-side. Yes, and a grooby B-side it is. It’s a bouncy, lecherous tune called “Boston (Ladies of Cambridge)” that’s all fast-paced and lecherous for about two minutes and reminds me of Kensington Market, before getting slow for the last minute. It sounds like it’s about visiting friends at Harvard (pricks), and features the line “ladies of Cambridge know who I am,” then tries to temper that by making the chorus “If you leave I just don’t think I could take….it” – PICK ONE. Nah, they’re probably handsome or something. I hope they continue on doing their thing where they get to sound entitled but still meritorious.

And here’s a great idea: you know that show “The Greatest Loser” that’s on on Tuesdays that’s about seeing who loses the most weight in a given period of time? Well here’s the idea: scrap that show, and instead keep the name and have it be about finding the most embarrassing social outcast for the purpose of laughing at them on television! This could take a variety of forms. For example, I like the idea of travelling to a different small town every week and finding ten unliked, lonely people, and one by one, through interviews or challenges, eliminate them until only the biggest loser remains! Then at the end of every episode the other nine would all yell “what a loser!” at the camera. Bam! Another fun idea would be to have the ten outcasts form a new social group, but! The social group would have to consist of only nine of them, and they’d have to somehow decide which one to exclude through the episode. That’d be fun too! Aw man, it’d make great television.



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