Wolf Parade – Wolf Parade EP

Everybody got their lid on tight
Everybody says “come with me
I’m easy” and then we’ll see who’s got the secrets
So if you’re looking for romancing
I’ve got answers
With dancers that will never say “come with me
I’m easy,” and then we’ll see who reads the deepest

Everybody got their hair just right
And their lips just right
And their eyes say “come with me, i’m easy”
And we’ll see who gots the secrets
No one has to see
Believe me, oh
I’m sorry about the dark, dum dum dum da-dum

And this is from a song with an upbeat disco darkness thing going on! WAAAHHH! It’s catchy! It’s cynical! It’s called “Disco Sheets”! I give it 10/10!

Also, there’s 3 other songs on here. There’s “Shine A Light,” which pretty much gave me reason to live for a few years (even though it’s not a happy song – I just liked feeling identified with) but is on the forthcoming album, there’s “You Are A Runner and I Am My Father’s Son,” which is about eight tenths as great but is also on the album in slightly elongated form, and there’s the muddled “Lousy Pictures,” which isn’t that great even if I do love that “da DA-DA DA DA, DA DA daaa dun, DA DA DA DA” part that kicks in about halfway through.

For this EP the parade added a drummer, Arlen Thompson. I don’t know if he came up with the catchy pattern that runs “YAARAIAMFS,” but if so, good pod, old bean! They also seem to have gotten some sort of real studio, as the drums are no longer electronic, and the vocals no longer sound like synths set to “makewordssomehow.” I could see disappointment at the sound becoming much more standard indie-rockish with its guitars, keyboards, drums, and occasional keyboards (programmed by someone named “Hadji”….Sounds like a moose limb name!), but it’s what turns me on, so cram it with crabapples, fatty.

Mumble mumble, and here’s another great idea: next St. Patrick’s Day, pretend you think all the green is in honour of Islam and not a (possibly nonexistant) Irishman. Then act all surprised when you assume all the beer is non-alcoholic. Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day is stupid. Firstly, you’re not Irish. Secondly, if you need a stupid excuse to drink then you don’t deserve the joy of drinking. Fourthyl, I imagine that alcoholism has torn apart far more Irish families than it has brought together. Fourthly, “we’re all Irish today!” = “We’re all dumb assholes today!” Fourthly, you are a shame to your culture. Fourthly, Sarah Palin’s getting a reality show? FUCK OFF. Fourthly, any beer is green beer with the addition of SARAH PALIN? AGGHHH NO. Lastly, I just resent institutional holidays, okay?



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