Wolf Parade – 4 Song EP

Our Premier cancels sex educations because it might offend religious groups AND Wolf Parade have a six year old EP released before we knew they were cool? Why, it’s the greatest decade ever!

KEYBOARDS. The defining characteristic of this EP is that there are glammy, distorted, loud keyboards all up in its songs, killing your no I won’t I’m sorry. Innit? Basically, they are the main instrument, with the guitars being second fiddles and tubas. Plus, they had no drummer, so all the drums are electric (they’re well-programmed at least), and the vocals are so distorted and oddly recorded that they blend right in with the keyboards and guitars, making the sound all a big mishmash. Some might not like it, especially since these guys are more or less not the Wolf Parade we know, but I think it’s el grande. They sound way more nerdy and steampunk this way – and over four songs I can handle having loud keyboards that sound like guitars and loud guitars that sound like keyboards (likely due to poverty more than intent). It’s a rather unique sound, and I like unique sounds as long as the songs are good enough.

There’s only four songs, so let’s handle them one by one, yes? “Modern World,” sounds little like its indie rock remake on the later album, with the soundmash making the disconcerted vocals sound more desperate but less personal. Plus, the electric drums sound funny when you know the real ones! However, the keyboards really help the cartoonishly ominous “Wits or a Dagger,” and I love the guitar/keyboard two-ear interplay (the only time they really do this) on “Secret Knives,” which is really catchy until you forget it’s even playing. Lastly, “Dinner Bells” is a little too fast for its post-apocalyptic, fatalist lyrics…Can’t anyone find a way to slow it down a bit, like maybe on a latter album? But rest assured, “Dinner Bells” fans, the ending is still two minutes too long! And on here it features a HARMONICA. I like harmonicas.

You know what I don’t like? When people I run into, at work or randomly or whatever, make their first statement “how are you?” or “how’s it going?” What the fuck am I ever going to say except “good!” or something uncomfortably honest? At least ask me what I’m up to. Fucking people.



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