Beck – Timebomb

95% of all music / writing is crap
Escape from this seems constant – once out often stay out
Catchy, catchy
Couples play chess
But only slightly meaningful (Magnetic Fields reference!)
Silly sounds speak to insecurity
Unspecial but like, you know, hard to argue with
Look – party music!
Really annoying opening sound!
At least we all have cigarettes (ziggurats?).
When I was young my friend wrote “keep the apocalyptic instinct alive,” a line which I have cribbed repeatedly. I was once asked what it meant in an English class in a very awkward, show-up sense by the professor. I told her it was a feeling and she told me it had to be defined exactly. At the end of the year she invited the class to have a drink with her and I refused. Now I know: it means to be uneasy with ourselves.
A quite nice, but unimportant wee single.



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