Beck – The Mutations Conversations

20 minutes of Beck being interviewed by a nasally-voiced man, talking about the album Mutations. Oddly enough, Beck, at least in this interview, is mostly informative but not particularly interesting. The main things we learned are: Mutations was recorded in a couple weeks, and harpsichords go out of tune really easily and are thus annoying. Beck more or less loses interest about halfway through and stops answering the questions seriously, but the humour isn’t particularly humorous, and the interviewer just kinda plays along, laughing at Beck half-assed jokes. Sample dialogue, explaining why this is far from riveting:

Nasally-voiced Interviewer: Do you keep the mistakes in the records?
Beck: Yeah, I think those are the best parts…You know, when you’re recording a falsetto main vocal and a crew member walks in and says “the burritos are here”….Those are the parts I like to keep in.
NvI: So what mistakes are on this record?
Beck: Not that many.
NvI: *laughs*

So, I’m not sure why this was released. It’s not like it’s awful to have a little interview out, but clearly it means very little for Beck’s discography, and it’s not going to mean much to me (or you, dear Beck review reader) either.



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