Beck – Sissyneck

One of those “last EP from this LP” EPs. A stray remix (of “New Pollution” by Mickey P.) that’s very similar to another remix (the one by both Mickey P. and Mario C. – WHAT HAPPENED TO MARIO C. ON THIS ONE, MICKEY P.? WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?? YOU THINK IF YOU REMOVE HIS “INDIAN” INFLUENCES AND RE-RELEASE THE REMIX WE’LL FORGET HE EVER EXISTED? fuck you, Fuck You, FUCK YOU!) and a B-side (“Feather In Your Cap”) that’s from a movie soundtrack (Suburbia something) (not that actual title) (though that’d make a good title) and therefore better than all the other B-sides because movie soundtracks sell to the soundtrack-buyin’ masses, which represents a greater audience than single buyers, who’ll buy everything anyway, most likely because of neurosis. “Feather In Your Cap” really is a great song, though. So resigned and Beckyand beautifully lyricked (“Tired old remains / You’ll be singing them / In your tired old asylum”) and remake of an earlier, worse song (called “Feather In Your Cap”)-y. I’d recommend downloading because Fuck Da RIAA! Who da fuck da economy? We da fuck da economy! Fuck dat shit.



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