Beck – Midnite Vultures

Adult sponsors! Cocks cocks cocks!

Oh, I’m sorry, I was just discussing Israel vis-a-vis the conflict with multiple Arab countries.

Look, getting old sucks, I’m not going to lie to you. You start deteriorating physically shockingly quickly – but I just don’t think this is the way to combat the unavoidable forces of biological degradation. Shit, getting older sucks.

But come on, this is just a white-boy funk album. I at first typed “fuck album” and that isn’t that far off except for the part where that’s HORRIFYING. But anyway, The whole thing is a consistent, dated piece about irreverence and funking it up, but god damnit, Beck should not be funking it up at this point, and he was WAY more irreverent back when I actually believed it. This is just…gah. Plus it stops being interesting after song 3, “Mixed Bizness,” which politely enough announces that it kinda sucks in the NAME of the song, and then becomes merely catchy, and not something any young person would ever play at a party of any sort except one of extreme irony. Oh, you’ll like “Mixed Bizness,” and it’s silly left-ear-right-ear riff will get caught in your head for days at a home, but it will be a shameful liking, a liking that will strip you of a good part of your dignity and self-respect for being so inane and so amazingly anti-actual-fun, like if you found yourself chuckling at Dave Barry or enjoying your friend’s barbecue in the suburbs.

Look, I’m sad, and this is sad, but that’s not what I go for. I want my wah-wah pedals to do other than sadden me with their awfulness, and yes, it is cool that the last track is funny and falsetto-y, but fuckanig, I just can’t…

Beck would age better next time. It’s best, in retrospect, to forget this existed at all, even though it isn’t that bad and I feel rather bad for bashing it earlier. It’s a mostly straightforward white fuck party record recorded in the late 90s with jumpy lyrics and mostly uninteresting music. Aww. It’s not that it’s overly bad, but what it stands for is worthy of only head shaking dismissal, so hop to it and move along here.



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