Beck – Loser EP

Beck, tireless experimenter and longtime unsuccessful musical that he was before success and money struck him with the release of the title song (“Loser” – he doesn’t mean you, don’t worry), had a long of songs in “the tank”, as they say – meaning we get valueful EPs filled with delicious B-sides and not live tracks or remixes. For this album, anyway.

This one’s got “Loser”, obv, and four otherwise Becklets:

🙂 “Corvette Bummer” – a somewhat hip-hopper with lyrics like “gonna wander round the town with a can of whiskey”.

=( “Alcohol” – an acousticer opening with the awful couplet “Alcohol leavin’ me dry / Now it is time for pie” and generally not doing much other than being a gentle, sad acousticer. Until the end where the drums turn into what sounds like clanging garbage can lids and there’s this weird vocodor effect in right speaker and wheeding feedback in the left, of course.

O_o An outtake version of “Soul Suckin’ Jerk” that adds a nifty eight-note bass riff, moaning backup vocals and little violin samples and switches up the order of the verses. It’s good!

^_^ A delightfully catchy lil’ pop tune about dying from breathing nitrous oxide called “Fume” that gets all “funny” and schizophrenic after the two minute mark, with the band(?) doing the chorus in screaming grunge fashion.

AND) A remake of the hilarious “MTV Makes Me Wanna Smoke Crack” that makes you think you’re getting a better-produced of Beck’s absolutely classic first single for thirty seconds before – Beck is funny man! – he stops playing it on acoustic guitar, and someone yells “what’s the problem?” and Beck says “I don’t know, just stop the tape”, and then it becomes a creepy Richard Cheese-esque version of same with new lyrics. It’s cute, but it’s no original version. I think this one’s only on the Europeen version of this EP, too.

So 3 goodsters and two averagesters. I think that makes a good EP. 5 + 5 + 8 + 8 +8 / 5 = 6.highnumber = 7. 7 is the number for the EP! Plus the classic title track, but that’s on the album, and if you don’t have that, why would you have this? You be so crazy if you do that.



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