Beck – Jackass

At least Beck is admitting to us, the listeners, his desire to “jack” asses, or “assjack”, which takes it root from “carjack”, a term for stealing a car. What meaning we can take from this, nobody knows – and not even Leonard Cohen telling us we all do can change that.

So let me share a hilarious anecdote with ya from last night. My friends Serbian Alex and Daniel Tward had downed a couple “cold ones” and gone to “the game” (we won 8-0). While at “the game” (there was a really annoying kid who tried to cheer for the other team right behind my left ear who didn’t know the rules – oh I wanted to strangle him, but anyway!) it is customary in the seventh inning to do the “seventh inning stretch”. Observing the family (father, mother, young daughter) in front of us limbering up their arms and legs after a couple tough hours of sitting, Daniel wittily observed “I haven’t seen a little girl stretch like that since Karla Homolka!” Heehee! Funny AND topical! I love my friends! Then we recorded things.

But I tell you what! None of what we later recorded was a remix of “Jack-Ass”! Because there are too god damn many of them here! Four, in fact. One an acoustic version that doesn’t lend itself well to the PoMo lyrics and nonsensicality of it all, one’s an oddball mariachi version called “Burro”, there’s a “Lowrider Remix” I’d like to see someone play in a lowrider (with that cheesy funk-bass “riff”, ugh), and the last is the “Butch Vig Remix” that just reminds us “Jack-Ass” wasn’t one of the best tracks on Odelay anyway. We’ve also got the 100% generic-blues of “Devil Got My Woman”, and a fantastic piano/acoustic/vocals bowl of sadness called “Brother” that has a pretty, if very familiar chord sequence and some pleasing feedback as the only electric sound on here. Love it!

Except the rest of this god damned EP, that is. Beck sure was a “Jack-Ass” to release it. It does have a nice donkey on the front cover, though. I could stare at it forever. 4/10 for the music, + 1 for the donkey.



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