Beck – Beercan EP

Where’s my phone? How could I have misplaced it? I just called someone ten minutes ago? Where’s the case for this movie that had more plot holes than plot (“Ocean’s Twelve”)? How can I misplace things I moved so recently in my own room? Maybe Easler will call me. Then I’ll both know where my phone is and have pot. Mm, pot, that’d be nice, I could use some of that tonight. Here’s the case. Under the phone bill, after a foot from the other cases. I should have known to look better. It still doesn’t explain the issue of my phone. Oh here it is, on top of my tower. Well then.

So here’s another EP featuring songs recorded around that Mellow and Gold time in Beck’s time, and, briefly speaking, it’s just more proof that he should release every stupid experiment he’s ever created in his entire life.

Not all of these songs are great, but they’re at worst VERY interesting and fun to listen to, and to me that makes for a worthwhile EP. We have the title track that combines one verse, the world’s greatest disappearing bassline, drum and vocal samples (“a soft and snuggly place…I’m sad and unhappy”) into a Becklassic, a version of “Pay No Mind” that reimagines the song as a bluesfluenced tapper with new lyrics that I think I like even more than the original, a thudding distorto-Beck vocalled number that may not be a great song but DOES start with a guy saying “smokin’ on a D”, the great “Totally Confused” from AWHFBM, a slow Melvins-like screamer with crazy electric guitars, and a funny pseudo-muzak version of “Loser” recorded live for some very unfortunate audience and released to all of us! So the songs aren’t as good as “Loser”‘s but they’re more amusing and more varied. It’s still worth your downloading time, MURDERER (of artist’s right to get paid).



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